Fashion! Turn To the Stacks from Reference Room Wanderings

The Fashion Book Cover

Who better to kick off this blog about fashion than the iconic David Bowie who inspired millions with his music and funky clothing choices? No one, RIP Bowie your legend lives on. (Feel free to bug your co-workers by blasting Fashion loudly while reading this blog.)

Comic Books for People Who (Think They) Don't Like Comic Books

After months of waiting, this Friday and Saturday finally mark DINK: The Denver Independent Comics and Art Expo. DPL will be there, and even if I weren't working the event I'd be pretty dang excited. But a couple of years ago, I never would have considered going to DINK. I have a weird history with comics, and until recently they generally didn't do much for me.

Big Library Read: American Sniper

American Sniper

From now until March 31, 2016 users from over 21,000 libraries around the world can borrow the eBook and audio eBook of the #1 New York Times best selling American Sniper without any wait lists or holds. The Big Library Read creates a digital “global book club” for two weeks as readers can experience the same title together and share their thoughts on our discussion board.

Plaza Voices: Athlete, Olympian, Refugee

Olympic Flag

What do elite swimmers from Syria, Judo champions from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and a track & field star from the Central African Republic have in common? 

They are all hoping to compete in Brazil this August as part of the first-ever team of Refugee Olympic Athletes

National Parks Service Centennial

Guide to National Parks

Did you know that the National Parks Service will turn 100 on August 25, 2016? The National Parks Foundation is using this celebration as a way to encourage people to visit and use the parks, learn about their history, and educate folks so that they will be preserved for the future.

SM Energy Works to Improve STEM Education for Denver Kids

SM Energy Presenting $100,000 Check

Partnership Funds Makerspaces at Denver Public Library

SM Energy on Thursday, March 17, presented a $100,000 check to the Denver Public Library to fund science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education and makerspace programs for kids and teens. In appreciation for the gift, the library’s digital makerspace at the Central Library will be renamed the SM Energy ideaLAB.

Come Join us for World Poetry Day! Monday March 21, 2016

Original Title Image

Monday March 21, 2016 is World Poetry Day!

We would like to invite you to a fun-filled afternoon at the Denver Public Library.

On Monday March 21, from 4-6:00 p.m. we will be hosting poetry readings that reflect the rich and diverse talents of poets from all over the world in honor of World Poetry Day.

UNESCO - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - proclaimed World Poetry Day on March 21 in 1999. Two key objectives are highlighted:

Plaza Voices: Dreams

Cover of "I Have A Dream," available from DPL

This week, our regular contributor Naghem S. shares a meditation on the dream of a better future:

Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly
Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow.

Langston Hughes

Make Something This March

Get out those knitting needles, button up that paint smock, strap on the old tool belt and “Get Your Craft On!”  Every month our Denver Public Library branches offer dozens of fun, easy and creative craft programs for all ages.  If you’re a seasoned crafter or a novice wanting to find your craft calling, you will find a wonderful variety of activities to choose from at your local libraries.
Here are some programs coming up for the rest of this month:

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