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Been through some tough times? We've got something for that!

Life can be hard sometimes! Poverty, addiction, homelessness...these can weigh a person down, and make it hard to function, let alone rise up. The thing about hardship is that it can feel less hard if you do something about it, whether that's finding some inner peace, being creative or sharing your story. We've put together two programs to help you lighten your load.

Benefit From a Book Club

Your Denver Public libraries offer numerous and varied opportunities to read and discuss books with your fellow bibliophiles.  From science fiction and fantasy to mysteries, contemporary fiction and postmodern literature you can find a book discussion group to stimulate your interest.

The Irony is Present at DAMs Untitled

The folks who work in libraries didn't invent irony....but we've perfected it. We're bringing our driest humor to our next offering at the Denver Art Museum's Untitled. Come by and join us for one of the cheapest, most entertaining evenings on the Denver calendar!

Come Join us for World Poetry Day! Monday March 21, 2016

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Monday March 21, 2016 is World Poetry Day!

We would like to invite you to a fun-filled afternoon at the Denver Public Library.

On Monday March 21, from 4-6:00 p.m. we will be hosting poetry readings that reflect the rich and diverse talents of poets from all over the world in honor of World Poetry Day.

UNESCO - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - proclaimed World Poetry Day on March 21 in 1999. Two key objectives are highlighted:

Make Something This March

Get out those knitting needles, button up that paint smock, strap on the old tool belt and “Get Your Craft On!”  Every month our Denver Public Library branches offer dozens of fun, easy and creative craft programs for all ages.  If you’re a seasoned crafter or a novice wanting to find your craft calling, you will find a wonderful variety of activities to choose from at your local libraries.
Here are some programs coming up for the rest of this month:

2016 LEGO® Building Contest

Denver Public Library LEGO® Sculpture built by Imagine Rigney

Welcome LEGO® Historians to the 2016 LEGO® Building Contest. This year's theme is Historic Denver featuring creations representing the people, events, and buildings that made our city great.

Apply to be an ideaLAB Maker-in-Residence!

the ideaLAB logo, in all it's CMYK glory

The ideaLAB, Denver Public Library's makerspace in the Central Library, is a great place for generating creativity, innovation, and learning. We'd also like to help foster those things in our community. That's why the ideaLAB is announcing its Maker-in-Residence program. Are you a visual artist? Musician? Electronics wizard? Programmer? If you enjoy making things and teaching people new skills, we would love to hear from you!

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