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Can't Access a Database? Clearing the Cache/Temporary Internet Files

Library Card & Catalog

What is my library card number and how should I enter it?

Your library card number is below the barcode on the back of your Denver Public Library card. It always starts with the letter D, followed by the number 0 (zero), followed by eight additional numbers. In the example below, you would enter D010101010. Enter the number without spaces.

Library card back





Why can't I connect to My Account?

In My Account, your default login is your library card number and your password is your 4 digit birth year. After you log in, you have the option to change your username or password. If you forget your username or password, use the "Forgot your password?" link on the sign-in page and your password will be emailed to you. If you still can't log in, email Circulation or call your library.

Why can't I sign in to my eMedia account?

  • If your Library Card is blocked for any reason, you will not be granted access to your eMedia account. Please check My Account to determine the status of your account or contact Circulation for assistance.

In My Account under Holds, what does Status mean?

  • Hold Active - No copies are currently on the shelf and you are in the hold queue.
  • Hold Inactive - Holds were suspended for vacation, etc.
  • Hold Pending - You have reached the top of the hold list and will receive the next available copy.
  • Hold In Transit - Item has been found at one location and is moving to your pickup location.
  • Hold Shelf - Item is on the hold shelf at your pickup location and is ready for pickup.
  • Hold Unclaimed - Item arrived at pick-up location and was not checked out within 7 days. Message remains until the item is checked in by staff.
  • Hold Canceled - You or a staff member canceled the hold. Message remains for 7 days.

I’ve been waiting for a hold to come in and my position in the hold queue has changed. Why?

Denver Public Library customers have the ability to suspend their holds to fill at a later date, maintaining their current position in the hold queue. This feature allows customers who have a lot of holds on titles with long waiting lists to remain within the 30 active hold limit and/or to prevent holds from coming in during times they know they will be unavailable to check them out (such as planned vacations, etc.).

While suspended holds do not appear in the hold queue, they continue to move up the queue as other requests are filled. Suspended holds reappear in the hold queue and revert to Active status when the activation date is reached.

Using Catalog Lists

Working List: lasts only for a single logged in session and is not permanently saved. Use to create a temporary list to compare titles during a single visit to the catalog.

Saved Lists: can be saved, reviewed, and updated during future logged in sessions. You may create multiple saved lists, and delete them at any time. 

Can't Access a Database?

Why do I get an error message when I try to access a library resource from home or work?

You must use the links on Denver Public Library's Research Resources pages to access resources licensed to the Denver Public Library. The authentication/validation process is built into those links. You can bookmark the most convenient Research Resources page, but a bookmark to the resource itself will not work.

Some resources are not available to remote users. Some resources can only be used from inside the Library.

If you entered your library card number incorrectly, the failed connection may remain in your cache or temporary Internet files. Clear your cache or temporary Internet files and try again.

Some resources require that the date and time settings on your computer are accurate.

In order to connect to some library resources, cookies must be allowed.

Are there times when the Library catalog or other databases are down for maintenance?

Some services and databases have regularly-scheduled maintenance windows:

  • Library catalog, My Library card, eMedia sign-in: Early morning on the 1st weekday of the month. Services are generally restored by 9 a.m. Mountain Time. You may need to clear your cache or temporary Internet files if you tried to connect during the down time.
  • Downloadable eMedia: The third Thursday of the month, 4 a.m. - 6 a.m. MT.
  • ProQuest databases: Occasionally, ProQuest will schedule a 12-hour maintenance window over a weekend. The window is Saturday 8 p.m. to Sunday 8 a.m. MT. Several times a year, ProQuest databases including Heritage Quest, Sanborn Maps, New York Times Current and Historical Newspapers and National Newspaper Core may be affected.

Some configurations may not be compatible with the requirements of certain online resources. The library cannot anticipate all variables. You may have to come to the library to use a particular resource.

Problems With a Download?

OverDrive Help

Contact OverDrive Support

Kanopy Viewer Support

I've tried everything and still can't connect. What now?

Clear my cache or temporary Internet files.

Many technical glitches can be solved by clearing your cache or temporary Internet files. Instructions vary depending on your browser. See Clear Your Browser's Cache for instructions.

Still can't connect?

Contact us 24/7 using the Ask Us Chat service. Have information ready to tell us what you are trying to do, your name and library card number, what operating system and browser you are using, and what the error message says.