Clef Note: Music Favorites

"No two people on earth are alike, and it's got to be that way in music or it isn't music." Billie Holiday

Musicians, their instruments and compositions from a concerto to a song all have stories to tell. David Grohl wrote, "...every person has a voice to be heard, no matter the sound.” Musicians find patterns and meanings where others find none. Richard Antoine White shared“I hear Bach and Mahler in rap. Music allows me to go to a third dimension, it allows me to leave any issues with the world behind.”  

What's your favorite music story? Central Library staff recently compiled a short list of their favorite music reads (emedia formats) and music CDs. Browsing or sampling music with a favorite beverage (sip sip)  is also a popular discovery tool. No physical travel required to explore 2022 titles in the following genres. 

Your library card also provides access to streaming music with Music Online, over 4,000 scores (select format score in catalog), self-instruction guides, concert films and even digital music magazines. Overwhelmed? Ask Us for assistance! 

Get cozy with Winter of Reading! Download the activity booklet and check out the upcoming events in January-February. We look forward to reading with you in the new year!

Written by Laurie. on December 22, 2022