Found in a Book #6

This installment of Found in a Book has everything you’re looking for: a Civic Center scavenger hunt, Cream of Wheat coupons, a portrait of tomatoes, and more things sweet and strange!

Check out the previous installments for more found treasures. Recognize something? Left something behind to be found? Let us know!

Special thanks to staff from Mobile Services, Becky from Pauline Robinson, Brian from Hampden, staff from Ross-Broadway, and Books and Borrowing for sharing their finds. 

Submitted by Maddie H, Books and Borrowing

Written by Dodie on December 12, 2022


online on January 2, 2023


It's wonderful to have this activity, and after I sign up, I'll receive lolbeans confirmation.

thenconstruct on January 16, 2023


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