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Red Planet, Blue Moon: Resources for Skywatchers

Map of the Moon, Mars, and Saturn for May 20-22. From

Living in the city can make it hard to get a good view of the night sky, but once in a blue moon the stars and planets put on a show you can see through the city lights. No, seriously...there's a blue moon this weekend! Plus, Mars will be as close as it's been in a decade, so it's going to be shining like a beacon. If you look to the southeast after sunset, Mars, Saturn, and the bright red star Antares will all be hanging out together in the constellation Scorpius, and the full moon will be passing through and joining them over the weekend.

Fashion! Turn To the Stacks from Reference Room Wanderings

The Fashion Book Cover

Who better to kick off this blog about fashion than the iconic David Bowie who inspired millions with his music and funky clothing choices? No one, RIP Bowie your legend lives on. (Feel free to bug your co-workers by blasting Fashion loudly while reading this blog.)

Discovering the First Coloradans

Folsom point among Bison bones. © Denver Museum of Nature and Science

In January 1926, a banker and a blacksmith from Raton, New Mexico walked into the Colorado Museum of Natural History (now the Denver Museum of Nature and Science) carrying a sack of very large bones. The bones once belonged to an extinct bison called Bison antiquus, and the museum's director, Jesse Figgins, was very excited to see them. It wasn't just that he might acquire a new Bison antiquus specimen for the museum. The bigger opportunity Figgins saw was the possibility of excavated the site where the bones were found, and finding human artifacts among them.


Float by Daniel Miyares

Whether you're interested in gift ideas or recommended reads, the following titles are the best and brightest children's and teen books of 2015 - as chosen by librarians throughout the Denver Public Library system. Browse all the books in our catalog or follow the links for each category.

Books for the Very Youngest:

Colorado's Ghost Glaciers

Landscape from RMNP with and without ice age glaciers. From NPS.

This weekend I hiked up to Arapahoe Glacier in the Indian Peaks Wilderness area. It's the largest glacier in Colorado, and definitely an impressive sight--a field of ice covering nearly 40 acres, nestled among towering crags at 12,700 feet. But by glacial standards, Arapahoe Glacier is a pipsqueak. It's tiny compared to great valley glaciers like the one in the second photo, which is in Alaska.

Slow Reading Club: Calm Body, Curious Mind, Open Heart

How long has it been since you've sat for an hour, uninterrupted, and read? Lucky you if it's been recently! Many of us, myself included, find these quiet moments to be a rare and wonderful thing in our busy lives. Our days are filled with endless distractions, screens, and bombardments. It’s time we revolt and take back our time!

The Great Debate: When it Comes to Fiction, Would You Rather . . . .

Cartoon by Tom Gauld:

If you are a fiction reader who uses the Central Library, you know about our extensive fiction collection on Level 2. Right now, the fiction collection is broken into separate sections based on literary genre: mystery, science fiction, fantasy, romance, western, horror and general, literary fiction. Novels within each genre section are shelved alphabetically by author.

This month, we’re asking our customers how they’d like to see the fiction collection arranged. Would you rather . . .

Take a Hike: Books, Maps and Websites for Picking the Perfect Trail

Trails Illustrated Map of Rocky Mountain National Park

If you're into hiking, it's hard to beat living in Denver. Some of the best trails in the nation are within an hour's drive of the city. Whether you like casual strolls or scaling fourteeners, Denver Public Library can connect you with great resources to help you find the perfect trail.


Winter of Reading is coming

What is the best thing to do during the long cold winter months? Why, read of course! Anyone who is a Book Person (and aren’t we all) can tell you that the best way to spend a cold day is curled up with a good book, listening to some tunes and sipping from a steaming mug of tea.


Hug Machine

At the closing of every year, librarians throughout the Denver Public Library system collaborate on a list of their favorite children's and teen publications from that year. Whether you're looking for gift ideas or just a good recommendation to read, here are our suggestions, the best and brightest of 2014.

Browse the titles in our catalog. 

Books for the Very Youngest:

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