Commemorating Women's History Month with the Memoirs Core Collection

Looking for a meaningful way to commemorate Women’s History Month? Try diving into a woman-authored memoir from our Adult Memoirs Core Collection

Learn something new about tenacious women whose stories are already broadly familiar:

Or acquaint yourself with remarkable women you likely haven’t heard of:

Read women’s responses to their more traditional roles—daughter, spouse, caregiver:

Or discover women who found themselves in pioneering roles, breaking new ground for the women who’ve followed them:

Gain a new understanding of women who’ve achieved success in the public sphere:

Or explore the stories of women who reveal tender truths about more private experiences:

Just like the phenomenal women you know in your own life, these memoirists triumphed, failed, persevered, stood out, fit in, loved, fought, questioned, learned, cried, and laughed. And then, generously, crucially, they shared their experiences with us. We owe it to them—and to the women we love—to listen.

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