How Deep Is Your Love? Denver, It’s Really Deep

If there ever was a year that was extra rough on relationships, 2020 qualified! Talk about your highs and lows, and more lows after that. But one thing Denver Public Library has learned about our community - your love for our services and resources and staff is deep. And February is Library Lovers Month, so here’s some pillow talk.

Numbers aren’t that sexy, but do tell the tale - in 2020, use of ebooks and eaudio was up over 13 percent, virtual programming* tripled in availability, and our Personalized Reading List* (PRL) service for kids, teens and adults was up 126 percent! Over 1700 curated lists were delivered to listeners and readers, created by nearly 40 staff all with a specialty in what libraries call “readers advisory” aka “what should I read next?”.

So how are our matchmaking skills, connecting titles with readers and listeners? If you’re old enough, you may remember Richard Dawson on Family Feud stating “Survey says… “

  • I am blown away by the depth and personalization in these suggestions. So thoughtful and thorough and I love having the thoughts and opinions of a real person on these books. 10/10!
  • This is an amazing service to the community. I've always been a huge DPL fan, but this takes my love for DPL to the next level! 
  • I expected a short list of some good books, but they really went above and beyond. What I got was a long list of books that were so thoughtfully picked out for me. I'm so delighted. Love you guys, keep up the good work!

Sure, Personalized Reading Lists are great, but not the only way to get some more of that DPL lovin’ - you could try our Curbside Bundle Request* service (sorta like a PRL without all the talking...) or use the enhanced PRL service for kids and teens which offers to put holds on up to 3 books for you!

Tired of all that work from home/virtual classroom screen time? All you need is a dumb phone to dial into our Phone-a-Story read-aloud service for kids and teens.

Wait - one more thing about love, and that is your love for our Winter of Reading program and DPL swag! Only two weeks left to complete five activities (hint: four are noted in this blog post*) and claim your prize, so don’t delay.

(For anyone that succumbed to me sticking a Bee Gees earworm in your head, here it is.)

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