Cover Stories: 150 Years of Magazine Cover Artistry

Graphic with all 16 magazine covers included in the exhibit

As 2016 begins, we're continuing our series on our Cover Stories exhibit of magazine covers, featuring famous cover art from magazines in our collection. The exhibit is on the third floor, just outside the Reference Room at the Central Library. This time we're featuring two of the best-known magazines ever—Life and National Geographic.

Active Minds in the New Year!

Are you looking for something fun and educational to do in the New Year?  Active Minds brings thought-provoking, enriching programs for adult learners to our branch libraries.  Check out these great programs that Denver Public Library and Active Minds are offering in January!

Plaza Voices: My Journey - Living with PTSD

Naghem, our regular contributor & staff member at the Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales Branch writes: 

I am no expert on PTSD. I know the basic causes and some of the signs, but following the huge wave of refugees coming to the United States, one can expect a large number of these people to have PTSD. Not only that but the world has been in turmoil lately, more so than before, and many people across the world are suffering from PTSD.

From Broken Crockery to Polar Bear Swims: The 5 Most Shocking New Year's Traditions from around the World

While still reeling from the results of my research into odd Christmas traditions around the world, such the Japanese eating Kentucky Fried Chicken, and a special culinary treat in Greenland called kiviak (tiny, whole birds sealed in a seal and buried for several months for fermentation), I came across some New Year's traditions

Tapestries at the Denver Art Museum and Some Books About Them at the Denver Public Library

The fantastic Wyeth exhibit is getting all the attention these days (and rightfully so). But, there is always much more to see at the Denver Art Museum.

Old world decorative arts such as colorful hand-woven rugs captivate me when I think about the tedious work and long hours to complete. The exhibit at the museum called Creative Crossroads is not large but it’s the quality that counts, right?

Cover Stories - 150 Years of Magazine Cover Artistry

Graphic with all 16 magazine covers included in the exhibit

Here are two more of the wonderful magazine covers featured in the Cover Stories exhibit on the walls outside the Reference Room on Level 3 at the Central Library:

Time, September 22, 1947
Artwork: Jackie Robinson, Illustrator: Ernest Hamlin Baker (1889-1975)

Artificial Intelligence

I recently watched a somewhat unsettling but thought-provoking film called Ex Machina that explores some of the possibilities (great and terrifying) of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Cover Stories Exhibit Part 4: Mentor, May 1928 and Fortune, February 1939

Cover Stories Exhibit

This week's Cover Stories features two fine old magazines with very different fates.

Have You Seen the Yeti Yet?

Book cover, The Thing About Yetis

There have been Yeti sightings at the Green Valley Ranch branch! Library staff brought the snow inside this year for our Walking in a Winter Wonderland program. The snowy (but warm!) corridors of the maze seem to have attracted a young Yeti. Come to the Green Valley Ranch branch any time this week (Dec. 20-26) during regular business hours* to explore the maze and take your picture with our friendly Yeti.

Plaza Voices: Computer Skills

Lulu, a Plaza staff member & new contributor writes: 

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