Introducing DPL’s new Spanish streaming platform: The Shelf TV!

Thanks to funding from Strong Library, Strong Denver supported by the Denver Public Library Fund, we’re excited to launch The Shelf TV, a Spanish streaming platform offering tv programs, movies, recorded performing arts events, and children’s content!

TheShelf is the leading platform for streaming audiovisual services in Spanish for libraries in Latin America and the United States. It offers an exclusive catalog of more than 5,000 hours of movies and tv series (telenovelas!), 500 acclaimed operas, ballets and theater plays, and a kids section with more than 3,000 podcasts, 150 video games and more than 2,000 episodes of animation.

There are two different models for accessing content:

  • Children’s and TV series: unlimited, no ticketing system.
  • Movies and performing arts: one ticket per title, with 8 tickets per month per account.

​Once a ticket is activated, the title is accessible for 48 hours. Entries for movies and performing arts have a ticket icon next to them, indicating that a ticket will be used to access the content. There is a pop-up message that will say that you will be activating a ticket to watch the content, as well.

The Shelf requires customers to create an account with an email address so that tickets can be assigned to individual accounts. Here are instructions for setting up your account and for returning access.

Not all of TheShelf’s current content is subtitled, but they are working on adding English and Spanish subtitles for the titles that don’t have them.

There is an app called The Shelf TV, available for iOS and Android. The Shelf supports both desktop and mobile web browsing, as well as streaming to Chromecast devices. An app for SmartTV is in the works and should be available very soon!



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