Valverde Bazaar Pop Up Outdoor Market

Forty years ago, a Denver teenager with a passion for stained glass began scouring demolition sites to retrieve artistic treasures from the rubble and repair them into expressions of art and beauty. These forays led Eron Johnson on a lifetime and worldwide journey of collecting and selling antiques and renovating dilapidated spaces around the city.

Water Quiz

Next Tuesday evening, the Central Library will be hosting "What's In Your Water," a panel discussion with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and Denver Water. There will even be a tap versus bottled water taste test!!

Here's a quiz to whet your appetite before coming to wet your whistle! Good luck!

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, about how many gallons per day (Mgal/d) of water was withdrawn for use in the United States in 2010?

What Color is Your Stress Relief?

You may have heard that the latest trend for grown ups looking for stress relief are coloring books specifically for adults.

New Magazines at the Central Library

The Reference Services Room at the Central Library has a dazzling array of magazines, old and new. Magazines come and go. But, thankfully, there are always new ones.

So what’s new to us this year?

Plaza Voices: Becoming an American Citizen

Naturalization Ceremony (Wikipedia)

Our regular contributor, Naghem S., writes,

Congratulations to the 50 Colorado residents who received their U.S. Citizenship earlier this month in the naturalization ceremony at our Central branch.

Been through some tough times? We've got something for that!

Life can be hard sometimes! Poverty, addiction, homelessness...these can weigh a person down, and make it hard to function, let alone rise up. The thing about hardship is that it can feel less hard if you do something about it, whether that's finding some inner peace, being creative or sharing your story. We've put together two programs to help you lighten your load.

Money Smart Week: Time to Get Your Finances In Order

Money Smart Week

Money Smart Week is April 23-30, 2016.

  • The Chicago Federal Reserve Bank and various organizations including the American Library Association are promoting personal financial literacy by offering programs and providing resources to help us all improve our personal financial situations.

Denver Public Library's offerings:

Gus Arriola and Gordo, the Accidental Ambassador

The comic strip "Gordo," which ran from 1941 to 1985, chronicled the life of Perfecto Salazar "Gordo" Lopez, his handsome nephew Pepito, and several talking farm animals, including a black cat named PM, a punster dog, a rooster, some worms, and a beret-wearing beatnik spider named Bug Rogers. The creator of the strip, Gustavo "Gus" Arriola, (July 17, 1917 – February 2, 2008) was born in Florence, Arizona, and was the youngest of nine children in a Spanish-speaking household. He taught himself English by reading the comics in the newspaper.

New on Overdrive--DC and Vertigo Comics!

Batman: Hush

If you're a user of our collection of Overdrive eBooks, you've probably noticed that more and more comics and graphic novels have become available there in recent months. While this has been very exciting, with publishers like Image (The Walking Dead, Saga), IDW (30 Days of Night, Locke and Key) and Dark Horse (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hellboy) available, many folks have been asking about the comic world's "Big Two." While we haven't seen any Marvel titles yet, we're pleased to announce that some DC and Vertigo comics are now available as eBooks through Overdrive!

Reference Room Wanderings Celebrates National Poetry Month

Poetry Dictionary Cover

April Celebrates
National Poetry Month.
This is a haiku.

Hidden in the stacks of Central is the substantial and beautiful Granger Collection that focuses on poetry, literature, and drama. Since we are celebrating National Poetry Month, I decided to showcase this collection and other poetry resources from the reference room in a wonderful display and blog combo.

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