Children's Launchpads!

​The library is excited to expand our Children’s collection and offer Playaway Launchpads! This has been made possible thanks to Strong Library, Strong Denver, generously funded by the Denver Public Library Fund.

These devices, geared towards children ages 3-7, come preloaded with exciting games, stories and learning apps all designed to educate in an entertaining way. Each tablet’s apps are organized around a theme. Some topics include STEAM, Math, Music and favorite characters. Launchpads come in a case and have a heavy duty tablet cover built for kids, and no wifi connection or internet is required!

Launchpads are available at each branch. They are holdable, and checkout for three weeks. They’re renewable up to three times as long as there isn’t someone else on hold.

DPL is thrilled to offer this new format to the young people in our community!


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