Examples of projects done in ideaLABs across Denver: sewing, repairs, 3D printing, beading, and more.

What is an ideaLAB?

ideaLABs are makerspaces: free community spaces to make things. Do you need to produce videos, create games, make music, or learn about electronics?  We aim to provide the tools and resources you need to make your projects happen. The tools available varies from lab to lab - please check the equipment and software lists to find the space that has what you need. The lab is free to anyone – no library card necessary!

3D printing information

Laser cutting and engraving information

Recording studio information

Where are they and when are they open?

There are ideaLABs across the Denver Public Library system. Hours and equipment vary by location.

Want to volunteer?

We always need people who can share their skills and time in our makerspaces. Do you enjoy interacting with a wide variety of people and want to help beginners become makers? Start the ball rolling by filling out an application for the branch at which you'd like to volunteer: