Montbello Branch Library ideaLAB

Examples of people working and making in the Montbello ideaLAB.


The Montbello Branch Library ideaLAB is open year-round for drop in hours, five days a week. Some tools require a reservation, see below for details. 

  • Tuesday -Thursday: 1 - 5:30 PM
  • Friday - Saturday: 12 - 4:30 PM

We also run virtual workshops and programs — be sure to check the events & classes calendar regularly! Activities and projects are also available online on our Instructables page and Youtube.


What's available in the Montbello ideaLAB?

The Montbello lab is fully equipped to help you produce digital media - movies, audio, digital images, and more - and filled with tools to help both kids and adults start tinkering and making.

Interior photo of the Montbello Branch Library ideaLAB, showing computers, tools, and communal workspaces.

Equipment available:

  • Lulzbot Mini 3D printer (by reservation)
    • Use of the 3D printer in the ideaLAB requires a reservation. To make a reservation call the branch at 720-865-0200 or talk to a staff member inside the branch. Appointments are limited to 1 session per person per week. Reservations can be made up to two weeks in advance.
  • 4 workstations - 2 PC, 2 Mac - with Adobe Creative Cloud and other design software
  • Audio Recording Studio
    • You can make reservations up to two weeks in advance by visiting any information desk at the Montbello Branch Library or by calling us at 720-865-0200.
  • 8 Chromebooks
  • 3 iPads
  • Digital embroidery machine
  • Wacom Intuos drawing tablet
  • LittleBits classroom kit
  • MakeyMakeys
  • 2 Cricut cutting machines
  • Lego basic bricks
  • 2 sewing machines
  • 4 Arduino microcontrollers and assorted accessories
  • Soldering iron
  • and much more - come visit us!

Behavior Agreement and Advisement of Potential Risks Associated with Use of Tools at the Denver Public Library