Altius Quartet Set to Debut Their Rendition of Vivaldi's The Four Seasons at Central Library

Altius Quartet

Central Library transforms into a French cathedral for Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons concert With Altius Quartet. Like a winter concert in churches like St. Chapelle or St. Germain des Pres, Denver Public Library hosts a classical music concert as the capstone of the 2015 performance season.

Colorado Association of Libraries Recognizes Denver Librarians and Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales Branch Library

Sarah McNeil

Colorado Association of Libraries (CAL) recognized two Denver Public Library staff members at its CAL Conference Awards luncheon in Loveland on October 23. Sarah McNeil was named Librarian of the Year and Carol Edwards received the Career Achievement Award. In addition, the Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales Branch Library was named CAL Library of the Year.

Tattoo Tales

Anyone remember a time when it seemed like only a veteran would have an anchor tattooed on a forearm?

Yet, in a musty old volume of Life magazine, I stumbled across a couple of photos of individuals with skin adorned with colorful tattoos more varied than a simple anchor or symbol. The article was entitled, One Out of Ten Americans is Tattooed. You can read it in the Central Library Reference Room in the December 21, 1936 issue (pgs 30-31). It's amazing!

Adult Sci-fi and Fantasy book club at the Central Library

Ancillary Justice

We had a great first session of the new adult Sci-Fi and Fantasy book club! There is a pretty even divide between Planners and People Who Don't Know What Planning Is (I'm emphatically in the second camp) so as a compromise, we're planning about 3 months in advance. I may have done some breathing exercises to handle the forethought required.

What If?

The Bookseller, A Novel

What if?
Who among us hasn’t wondered how our lives might be changed if we had chosen a different path, zigged instead of zagged? We might ask, “What if I hadn’t been late to the bus that day?” or, “Where would I be now, only if…?”
When I find my mind turned this way, as happens here and there, I try to remember that not every crossroads is so clearly marked, and pining for things-that-may-have-been is not a terribly healthy thing to do. But still, sometimes I cannot help but wonder...what if?

Real Estate 101: Find a Great Realtor!

Who, what, where, how?? I am pulling my hair out! So many questions and not enough answers. Finding a real estate agent that you like, trust, and is great in real estate is legitimately a job!

Plaza Voices: Global Hip Hop

Although hip hop was formed during the late 1960’s in the Bronx and has roots in traditional Jamaican music, there is no doubt its influence has traveled across the globe. Nearly every country in the world brings its own unique flavor of rap, mixing and re-mixing old familiar elements with foreign. Swedish rap, anyone? Ultimately, hip hop music tells a story that is distinctly individual and yet also reflective of a greater narrative, which is part of what gives it such wide appeal (well, this and a great beat!).

ACA Enrollment Coming Soon!

Connect for Health Colorado

Open enrollment for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act begins November 1, 2015 and runs through January 31, 2016. During this time you may enroll for the first time, renew your current plan, or switch plans all together. If you were enrolled in a plan in 2015, the benefit year ends on December 31, 2015.

Don't Miss Our 2nd Annual Trick or Treat Street!

Frank Was a Monster Who Wanted to Dance

The weather is cooling, the leaves are turning, and all around the city costumes and decorations are being prepared for Halloween. Join us Friday, October 30, from 3-6 p.m. for a trick or treat extravaganza at the Central Library! Staff will be handing out treats throughout the building, and there will be storytelling under the derrick in Western History/Genealogy, maker madness in the ideaLab, and games and crafts in the Children’s Library.

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