Best DPL Databases for Middle School

For reliable and accurate information, try the following resources. They are available any time to anyone with a Denver Public Library card.

CQ Researcher: In-depth analysis of topics in the news ranging from social and teen issues to environment, health, education, science and technology. Covers all sides of the issues.

Explora Middle School: This resource provides access to thousands of articles on many topics of interest to middle schoolers like sports, history, math and science, biographies, geography, and more. In addition to news articles on current events, this database provides access to many high-quality images that can be used for school projects and presentations. 

Gale eBooks: Ideal for research, this database provides access to full-text encyclopedias on history, the arts, religion, social science, and more. 

History Reference Center: Students can explore a variety of historical periods in this curriculum-aligned database. Articles from peer-reviewed journals, non-fiction books, and multimedia content. Resources are searchable by Lexile range to ensure reading level benchmarks are met. 

Middle Search Plus for Middle School Research: This database is ideal for any type of research or homework assignment in the middle grades. Searchable material includes full-text articles from journals and magazines, news footage videos from around the world, and transcripts from interviews that are ideal for examining both sides of important debates. 

NoveList Plus K-8: Wondering what to read next? NoveList provides read-alikes for thousands of popular books that can help kids expand their options for reading for fun. Highlights include recommendations for beginning readers, graphic novels, and audiobooks.

Science Reference Center: This comprehensive science database provides information on hundreds of topics in all scientific areas, including applied sciences, chemistry, physical, earth, and life sciences. Students can browse through popular sourcebooks to get ideas for home science experiments and project ideas. 

TOPIC Search: Ideal for sources on current events and controversial topics, this database provides access to news articles, journals, and book reviews to middle school students who want to formulate arguments for debates and research papers. Notable to this database is its inclusion of news media clips and opinion pieces that will help students see both sides of important issues.