Library Commission 2021 Schedule

Note: Due to the partial closure of the Central Library, Commission meeting are currently being be held online. Interested members of the public can access the meeting via the web or phone. Please see details below. Meeting links will be posted the Friday before the meeting. All regular Commission meetings are open to the public.

Regular meetings can be joined through the following link or phone number:

Regular Commission meetings are held on the third Thursday of every other month, 8:30 a.m. When the library is open, they are held at the Central Library on the 7th Floor, in either the Rick Ashton Legacy Room. The specific location is noted on the agenda. Entry is through the east (Broadway) entrance only.

Should a meeting date, time, or location need to be changed, the new information will be posted on this page and Commissioners will be notified. If a special meeting is called zoom info will be listed below.

Public Comment: Public Comment occurs early in the meeting (see the agenda) and is limited to three minutes per participant and may be shortened depending on the number of participants. The full time allotted for the public comment period will generally be 30 minutes.

February 18: Agenda | Meeting Materials

April 15: Agenda | Meeting Materials 

April 27: Library Sustainability Study Session
               Zoom Info
               Call: 253 215 8782, Webinar ID: 844 5283 2952

June 17: Agenda | Meeting Materials 

August 19: Agenda | Meeting Materials


October 21: Agenda | Meeting Materials

December 16: Agenda | Meeting Materials

Commission Members

Cathy Lucas, President
Sonya Ulibarri, Vice President
Laurie Mathews, Secretary
Jehan Benton-Clark
Zi Chong
savinay nathan
Michael Niyompong

Commissioners' Biographies

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