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Not otherwise specified

by Hannah Moskowitz

Etta has a lot of identities, but none of them seem to encompass all of who she is. She's one of the few Black girls in her Nebraska town, attending a private school with other rich kids. She identifies as bisexual, which grates on her friends, The Dykes, who end...

Scintillating Science

Periodic Table of the Elements cupcakes (Chemical Heritage Foundation)

Forget spring, science is in the air! It's everywhere, even on cupcakes (photo courtesy of the Chemical Heritage Foundation).

Science is in our schools - well, OK, it has always been there but is getting a new emphasis (or should I say renewed emphasis) in Colorado schools through the Colorado Department of Education's STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education program designed to help students become better prepared for higher education and life beyond high school.

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