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Plaza Voices: Denver Art Museum Exhibit

Sculptures representing family, created by children in DPL's Plaza program

Denver Public Library's Plaza program, part of our Services to Immigrants and Refugees, partners with the Denver Art Museum to offer quality artmaking experiences for children and adults. Some of their beautiful creations are now on view at the Denver Art Museum! 

Shawn Bowman: Tabletop Game Designer

Shawn Bowman

Have you ever tried to make your own board game? Ever wondered what it takes to design a game that people actually want to play? Well, ideaLAB’s newest maker-in-Residence, Shawn Bowman, aims to get you playing, hacking, making, and thinking about games and the cultures that surround them.

Learning to love you more

by Harrell Fletcher

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Once upon a time, when the Internet was young, a pair of artists made a site called They created "assignments" which people carried out, posting the results. It was sweet. It was wonky and personal and empowering. The site is still up. My favorite assignment is "Make...

The Getty Villa

by Marion True

If you like: Roman Architecture, Antiquities, Museum Studies, Architecture, or Museum Architecture, this book is for you. Written by the now-disgraced Marion True (see "Chasing Aphrodite" in "If You Like" below) with Jorge Silvetti, it gives the story of the Getty Villa's recent upgrade. It's brilliant, thorough, accessible, and useful....

Apply to be an ideaLAB Maker-in-Residence!

the ideaLAB logo, in all it's CMYK glory

The ideaLAB, Denver Public Library's makerspace in the Central Library, is a great place for generating creativity, innovation, and learning. We'd also like to help foster those things in our community. That's why the ideaLAB is announcing its Maker-in-Residence program. Are you a visual artist? Musician? Electronics wizard? Programmer? If you enjoy making things and teaching people new skills, we would love to hear from you!


by Editors of Phaidon Press

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​​​​This little silver book​​, one of a useful series, depicts nothing but representations of Christ's descent from the cross throughout art history.

Caravaggio : the complete works

by Sebastian Schütze

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GIANT book. This book is not for reading, just for looking. It measures 15x11x1" but doesn't weigh a ton, and it lets you get up close to all of Caravaggio's works. I don't think this has many words, and you don't need them. Enjoy!

Note: This is currently in the "New Books"...

Cover Stories: 150 Years of Magazine Cover Artistry

Graphic with all 16 magazine covers included in the exhibit

As 2016 begins, we're continuing our series on our Cover Stories exhibit of magazine covers, featuring famous cover art from magazines in our collection. The exhibit is on the third floor, just outside the Reference Room at the Central Library. This time we're featuring two of the best-known magazines ever—Life and National Geographic.

Tim's Vermeer [Blu-ray + DVD combo pack]

by Penn and Teller

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An ordinary guy recreates a Vermeer painting using the optical instruments proposed by the Hockney-Falco thesis as the basis for the Dutch Master's and others' photo-realism. David Hockney, the beloved British artist, collaborated in research with Charles M. Falco, a physicist, to show that Old Master paintings may have been made...

Have You Seen the Andrew and Jamie Wyeth Exhibit Yet?

The Andrew and Jamie Wyeth exhibit opened recently at the Denver Art Museum. Whether you have already seen it or you plan to go, the Denver Public Library has books and online resources to learn more about them. Please see the links at the end of this blog.

But first, here are some facts about the artists (who were father and son) that you may not know:

About Andrew:

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