Social Distanzine Issue #5

Everywhere we go, art lives around us. And no matter the form of artistic expression, art is a force that matters.

Art matters because without these forms of expression our emotions, voices, empathy, and connectedness can all wither. Through art, we learn about people and places we would have never otherwise known, and our hearts and minds stretch to make room for the new and unique. One of the most beautiful acts is to communicate through our chosen mode of self expression, and through our art invite our audiences to experience it right next to us.

With that, we present to you our newest issue of Social Distanzine.

This issue spans a wide variety of works, including short stories and your Winter of Reading reimagined book covers! Thank you to everyone who has submitted so far. Though our cadence with this project continues to ebb and flow as we reopen branches and adjust to the new seasons of our lives, we invite you to submit your work for future publications. 

We also invite you to attend one of our virtual programs that center on creative expression, such as our upcoming Art Journaling for Older Adults, Hard Times Writing Workshop, Write On! With Jana Clark, and Art After Noon programs. 

Art matters because it offers a unique space for affirmation and reflection. You have a story to tell. You can inspire people and you can empower people. Your voice matters! 

Written by heidi.e on April 7, 2021

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