Social Distanzine Issue #2


We are excited to share with you Social Distanzine Issue #2. Here you will find a collection of art, writing, photography, and other creative expressions from the Denver community that reflect thoughts and emotions surrounding COVID-19. This is a strange and difficult time, and it's our hope to offer this zine as a way to cultivate hope and inspiration. 

Thank you to everyone who has submitted so far! If you'd like to participate in future publications, we invite you to submit your work. Thanks for reading! 

Written by heidi.e on October 27, 2020


Dana Bennett on October 28, 2020


I enjoyed all these stories and images. There's a lot of artistic talent in Denver. It's great of DPL to gather these gifts. Beautiful, very touching writing. Such generous artists. I thank them all, and you, DPL, for providing this platform for them to share with us.


Thank you for your kind words, Dana! We are so glad you enjoyed the zine. We too feel grateful for all of the artists and their willingness to share with our communities! <3

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