Udemy: The Library's Powerful Professional Development Tool (Michel's Story)

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In the workplace, there’s one skill that’s important no matter your age: continuous learning. More than half (54%) of adults in the labor force say it will be essential for them to get training and develop new skills throughout their work life in order to keep up with changes in the workplace. 

To help our customers develop skills, and knowledge, and acquire abilities that make them more proficient in their job, the library offers access to the Udemy learning platform for all permanent library cardholders. Udemy offers a wide range of courses in the fields of Cloud Computing, Data Science, Development, IT Operations, Leadership & Management, Marketing, Personal Development, Project Management and Operations.  The majority of courses offer a Udemy certificate of completion. 

I spoke with Michel, a manager in a learning organization about their experiences using Udemy.

Michel, what courses have you taken in Udemy and why did you enroll in these courses?
I took advantage of two courses in the Udemy collection because I wanted to supplement my existing technology and soft skills knowledge on a couple of topics.

I enrolled in Confidence on Zoom: Tips and Tools to Look Like a Pro. During the pandemic, we began using Zoom for meetings and customer programming; as a manager, I needed to quickly become an expert with this meeting platform and the course helped me do that. 

Confidence on Zoom: Udemy course offering

My organization assigned some training that focused on de-escalating angry customers; the training was very good, but I was looking for something additional to supplement that training. How to quickly diffuse another person's anger went deeper into the specific steps and strategies for understanding why a customer might be upset or angry and how to come to a positive resolution.

How to quickly diffuse another person's anger: Udemy course offering

What did you accomplish by taking these courses?

I had more advanced skills to help other staff members who had questions or concerns about using Zoom for a class or presentation.

The anger diffusion course enhanced my understanding of how and why a person might be upset or angry and what steps I could take to help them calm down, de-escalate the situation, and come to a positive outcome.

What else can you share about your experience with Udemy?

Something I've learned about Udemy is that although I might have assumed at first that it was mainly focused on technology and workplace-related topics, I've been pleasantly surprised at the breadth and depth of training materials in Udemy. There are classes on becoming more confident with public speaking and giving presentations, art history, yoga, playing the ukulele, budgeting, and more!

It’s no secret that the demands of the workplace are changing. Whether it’s adapting to a remote or hybrid setting, building more diverse, equitable, and inclusive organizations, or finding new ways to enhance productivity, working in a state of constant flux is now accepted and expected. 

Access to the Udemy learning platform is available to permanent library card holders. You will need a Google, Microsoft, or Gale account to sign in to Udemy. To install the app on your device, choose the "Udemy for Business" app and then fill in gale.udemy.com when prompted.


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