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The Race Card Project: Share Your Story in Six Words

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In 2010, as NPR host and special correspondent Michele Norris traveled the country to promote her family memoir “The Grace of Silence” she had an idea. To engage the audience at her readings, she handed out postcards and, "I asked people to think about their experiences, questions, hopes, dreams, laments or observations about race and identity. Then, I asked that they take those thoughts and distill them to just one sentence that had only six words.

Become an Informed Voter with Our Reference Resources


It’s an election year, and whether you’re planning your weekends around political rallies or opting to duck and cover until November 9th, Denver Public Library has resources to help you become as informed of a voter as you want to be. For example, campaign finance is a huge factor in today’s politics. Using DPL’s research resources, I found the following nifty information:

Red Planet, Blue Moon: Resources for Skywatchers

Map of the Moon, Mars, and Saturn for May 20-22. From

Living in the city can make it hard to get a good view of the night sky, but once in a blue moon the stars and planets put on a show you can see through the city lights. No, seriously...there's a blue moon this weekend! Plus, Mars will be as close as it's been in a decade, so it's going to be shining like a beacon. If you look to the southeast after sunset, Mars, Saturn, and the bright red star Antares will all be hanging out together in the constellation Scorpius, and the full moon will be passing through and joining them over the weekend.

Crickets - the Gateway Bug

Chopsticks with cricket

Back in the early '90s, I got into buying, preparing, and eating caterpillars on a fairly regular basis. They were smoked and crunchy/chewy and delicious cooked in a peanut butter sauce with onions and garlic and hot peppers. On one of many trips through the Central African rainforest, the rickety and over-stuffed bus I was on broke down and some of the women passengers disappeared into the thick trees only to return within the hour with handfuls of caterpillars wrapped in their shawls.  

Colorado's Ghost Glaciers

Landscape from RMNP with and without ice age glaciers. From NPS.

This weekend I hiked up to Arapahoe Glacier in the Indian Peaks Wilderness area. It's the largest glacier in Colorado, and definitely an impressive sight--a field of ice covering nearly 40 acres, nestled among towering crags at 12,700 feet. But by glacial standards, Arapahoe Glacier is a pipsqueak. It's tiny compared to great valley glaciers like the one in the second photo, which is in Alaska.

12 Tips For Getting The Most Out of Your Library (For Kids)

Play Space at Central

What better time than National Library Week (April 12-18, 2015) to expand people’s appreciation of libraries. Here's a look at several, sometimes overlooked, services Denver Public Library offers.

Seven Commandments of Holiday Shopping

Holiday Shopping

I absolutely LOVE Thanksgiving, but Holiday craziness and shopping stresses me out - it all seems to be creep further into the loveliness and peacefulness of Thanksgiving every year.  

One of my favorite resources, Consumer Reports, has put out a useful one-page guide to help shoppers manage spending and financial decisions through the holidays.  I especially like #5.  

The seven commandments they've come up with are:

"Black Man" - Who is Stevie Singing About?

Stevie Wonder - Songs in the Key of Life

I was listening to Stevie Wonder's Songs in the Key of Life on our new record player recently and the track "Black Man" came on.  I have to admit that I didn't really know this one but it's great, just like the entire album is great.  

World Cup Drama - All those injuries!!

Neymar World Cup injury

Watching a lot of World Cup games has been and will continue to be a lot of fun and exciting... and entertaining.  I've heard a few groans about how there's way too much drama and bodies flopping all over the field.  It doesn't bother me too much and it certainly doesn't make me NOT want to watch as much as I can.  

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