Udemy: The Library's Powerful Professional Development Tool (Kathleen and Lexi's Stories)

Udemy logo with woman using a laptop computerThere are myriad benefits to learning another language, including advancing your career, improving your memory and brain functions, and increasing your understanding of the languages you already speak.

Is a computer programming language considered a foreign language? We'd call a computer language a constructed rather than a natural language; it is created to communicate information from one entity to another. That being said, many of the skills you would use to learn a foreign language are effective in learning a programming language.

But whether you are curious about Portuguese or Python, the library offers skills-building courses through the Udemy online learning platform for all permanent library cardholders.

I spoke with language enthusiasts Lexi and Kathleen recently about their experiences using Udemy.

What courses have you taken in Udemy?

Lexi: I've taken Introduction to Chinese and Chinese for Beginners.

Kathleen: Latin: Chapters 1-15 Lectures and 2022 Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero to Hero in Python

Chinese in 9 Weeks: Udemy course offering

Why did you enroll in these courses?
Lexi: I wanted to watch my Chinese dramas without subtitles.

Kathleen: I have loads of curiosity! Even though I am proficient in Latin, the Latin class was a nice, brief refresher to relax my mind and prepare me for reading Latin texts.

What did you accomplish by taking these courses?

Lexi: I began to learn a new language!

Kathleen: I’m getting to know how programming and coding work in my everyday life and feel like I have a better grasp of how things that affect my everyday life operate.

2022 Complete Python Boot Camp: Udemy course offering

The Udemy course library provides access to thousands of curated course materials. You have access to the freshest, most in-demand content taught by qualified, deep subject matter experts. Find out why thousands of learning organizations and corporations have partnered with Udemy to prepare their workforces for the future.

Access to the Udemy learning platform is available to permanent library card holders. You will need a Google, Microsoft, or Gale account to sign in to Udemy. To install the app on your device, choose the "Udemy for Business" app and then fill in gale.udemy.com when prompted.

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