DPL condemns acts of violence against members of our Asian and Pacific Islander communities

Dear Library Community,

The Denver Public Library firmly condemns the increasing acts of violence against members of our Asian and Pacific Islander communities across the country. To our Asian and Pacific Islander community members, we see the hate and violence your community is facing and stand with you. We grieve with the survivors, victims, and their families in the aftermath of yet another horrific event. 

This week’s events in Georgia are a culmination of continuing acts of violence experienced by the Asian and Pacific Islander communities over the past year. They are also reflective of the violence these communities have endured at all points of US history, including our local history here in Denver. Although this week’s events have not been classified as hate crimes, we must dig deeper to understand the underlying racist and xenophobic narratives that have led us here. These violent acts are based on discrimination and white supremacy. We condemn all forms of racial violence and are committed to supporting the culture change required to bring this hatred to an end.

As an organization, we have a role and responsibility to challenge racism in our community. Our vision is a strong community where everyone thrives. We stand committed to learning and growing in matters of racial equity as well as examining our roles in perpetuating inequitable systems. We call on our community, customers, and partners to join us in this journey through visible action, which we encourage you to share through APALA’s Stand with APALA Against Anti-AAPI Racism

To our Asian and Pacific Islander community members, we are committed to showing up for you and invite any and all feedback on how to best do that during these exceptionally difficult times.

In Solidarity, 

Michelle Jeske, City Librarian 

Other resources: 
The Asian Pacific Development Center
Live therapist-led group sessions for Asian Communities
Asian Pacific American Librarians’ Association’s 2021 COVID-19 anti-xenophobia 
Anti-racist information resources and COVID-19 Anti-Asian Racism Resources for K-12. 

DPL condena los actos de violencia cometidos en contra de los miembros de nuestras comunidades asiáticas y de las Islas del Pacífico.

Thư Viện Công Cộng Denver (DPL) lên án các hành động bạo lực đối với thành viên của các cộng đồng Người Châu Á và Người Đảo Thái Bình Dương của chúng ta.

የዌቡ ርዕስ፡ የዴንቨር የሕዝብ ቤተ-መጻሕፍት የእስያና የፓሲፊክ ደሴቶች ማህበረሰብ አባሎቻችን ላይ እየተፈጸመ የሚገኘውን ጥቃት ያወግዛል፡፡

عنوان للويب: مكتبة دنفر العامة تدين أعمال العنف ضد أفراد مجتمعاتنا من الأصول الآسيوية وجزر المحيط الهادئ

Written by Michelle on March 18, 2021