Plaza Voices: Welcoming

By Breanne Vailes

“At the end of the day people won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” This quote has made its way to inspirational memes across the internet because it rings true.  When we meet someone for the first time or visit a new place, like a library, how we feel determines how we will engage in the future. 

Welcoming is one of the five values of the Denver Public Library, and welcoming allows people from various cultures not only to benefit from resources through DPL’s Cultural Inclusivity department but also to connect emotionally. Especially in light of the social isolation created by COVID-19, now more than ever people long for somewhere to belong. The arena of cultural exchange within Plaza -- sharing ideas, language, customs -- offers a space of welcoming that this diverse city craves.

Plaza customers engage online in studying for citizenship, practicing English, connecting to resources, and participating in community-building activities. At the heart of all of these interactions is the sense that everyone possesses inherent dignity. A safe feeling of being seen and heard keeps customers coming back.

After all, Denver Public Library states, “We make our resources, services and expertise accessible for all, recognize the inherent dignity in each person, and provide safe places where everyone can be themselves.”

The Denver Public Library's Cultural Inclusivity department collaborates with Denver's multicultural community to create equitable opportunities for learning, discovery, and connection.

We offer Plazas, an open community space where people from all over the world connect with information and resources, building Denver’s global community. Come to practice a language, prepare for citizenship, pursue your goals, and create your future. Whatever you’re doing, we can help!

Please see our web page for more information.

Written by Plaza Voices on March 16, 2021