Found in a Book #4

A recipe for a hair mask, instructions for Morse code, Bob Ross, this issue of Found in a Book is teeming with wonders from tender to strange. 

Check out the first, second, and third installments of Found in a Book for more found treasures. Recognize something? Left something behind to be found? Let us know!

Special thanks to Daniel at Hampden, staff at Green Valley Ranch and all the Books & Borrowing staff for collecting and sharing their finds.

image: post it note with hair rinse        image: postit note       

Submitted by Maddie H., Books & Borrowing


Written by Dodie on April 24, 2022


Faith on April 25, 2022


Thank you for continuing to share these finds and for the time spent in doing so. It makes my day so much better- I look forward to more things being found.

Jami on April 26, 2022


I happened upon this post this morning, what a treasure, both the found items and the post!! Such fun!! Thank you!

Chris Cook on May 17, 2022


This blog was in a newspaper article that a patron passed on to me. Absolutely fascinating stuff. We haven't had anything too unique come through our little neck of the woods in West Virginia, although this week someone dropped off a VHS tape with a receipt tucked inside from Toronto, ON, Canada. Quite a journey this little fella made.

tommchris7 on August 16, 2022


Finding inspiration for your book can come from a number of different places. 1v1 lol One of the most common ways to find inspiration is by finding a piece of writing that you love and then taking some of the ideas that you see in that work and trying to incorporate them into your own book.

unusedring on February 26, 2023


my son likes this series of books. He has said that he really enjoys reading this book and the others in the series pacman 30th anniversary

Basas on March 8, 2023


Even better, if you're new to Rodeo Stampede, you can still experience the thrills and dangers of the Jurassic period even though you only need to get to the third level of the Jungle (the game's first rodeo environment) before you unlock the Space Zoo Backrooms

panda67 on May 19, 2023


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ertrhe on June 1, 2023


What a find this post and its contents are that I stumbled onto this morning. How exciting! Many thanks! basketball stars

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