OH! The Treasures We Find in Books

There are many wonderful takeaways from a good book, but sometimes we also leave things behind! 

Behold a collection of random and lovable items our customers have left behind in library books. I hope you enjoy discovering them as much as we did. Check out our first Found in a Book post for more found treasures. Recognize something? Let us know! 

Big thanks to all the Central Library shelvers and library folks for their contributions. 

Written by Maddie H.


Written by Dodie on July 15, 2021


Corinne Jackamore on July 16, 2021


Love, love, love this!!!

Rachel S. on July 23, 2021


This is so lovely! And what great formatting to show them all off.

Karl on July 26, 2021



Larisa Brasel on March 2, 2023


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Emma Johnson on March 27, 2023


I also always believe that there are many treasures in the book, waiting for people to dig.ChatGPT

Anonymous on May 23, 2023


Feel free to pass on your gratitude to them directly or through any feedback heardle channels provided by the library. They will surely appreciate your kind words of recognition.

rogerturcotte on June 1, 2023


What a pleasure it was to find this post this morning, and what a treasure it is to have found the goods described here. What a blast!! It's very appreciated. geometry dash

Emmasss on June 21, 2023


I am overjoyed to have discovered this piece of writing, which has greatly pushed my comprehension to the next level. Excellent work, and please keep it up. Rainbow Friends: Chapter 2

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