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Bowie in Black & White

Crawdaddy, February 1978

The first time I ever saw David Bowie was watching Saturday Night Live back in 1979.  My family had just returned to the U.S. and I was 11 years old.  He wore this amazing black and white outfit that he couldn't walk in so he had to be carried downstage to perform.  I had no idea who he was and because he was bathed in pink light, I assumed this was Pink Floyd.

Night film : a novel

by Marisha Pessl

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Sam McGrath is a disgraced journalist out running late one night when he sees a menacing, seemingly supernatural, woman in a memorable red coat.  The next day he learns about her suicide and realizes it was Ashley Cordova, the daughter of the reclusive, avant -garde filmmaker, Cordova, producer of some...

Science ink : tattoos of the science obsessed

by Carl Zimmer

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I came across this book by chance when pulling up a complete list of Mary Roach's titles for someone (she writes the introduction, and if you like science and haven't read her books, check her out!). Science Ink takes something simple--scientists and their tattoos, and packages it to be entertaining...


by Karen Hesse

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YA dystopias are still a hot genre, and this book is a dystopia, but a much, let's say, quieter, one. There's no love triangle. There's much less violence than in many of these books. This is an introvert's dystopia. Radley flies back from the orphanage in Haiti where she has...

Digital Collections Site Changes

Digital Collections

The Denver Public Library is excited to announce the newest updates to our Digital Collections website. The updates include a refreshed design, new content, powerful zoom tool, social tools, organized browse pages and an easy to use search and refine interface.

In addition to the popular western photos, art, maps and building plans that have been offered in the past, newly digitized materials have been added making searching for digital historical materials much easier:

Photography Exhibit: Recollection 2010: Works from the Colorado Photographic Arts Center

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 July 10 - September 12, 2010

The Central Library, Vida Ellison Gallery - Level 7

Recollection 2010 is a selection of more than 60 works from the 600-print collection of the Colorado Photographic Arts Center. Collectively the exhibition presents a remarkable 20th century survey of people and places. Most works in the show are vintage gelatin silver prints.

Artists include:

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