Interlibrary Loan & Purchase Suggestions

It’s easy to make an Interlibrary Loan or purchase request. Most requests are filled within 2 weeks. Limit 10 active requests at one time. To prevent unfilled requests always check the Denver Public Library catalog and Prospector before you submit a request through the Request It system.

Register for An Account

You will need to complete a one-time registration before you can start using the service. Go to Request It, click the Register Here button and fill out the form. You will be able to place requests immediately. Please call 720-865-1718 or email us if you have questions

If you have lost and replaced your library card, you will need to re-register with Request It. Staff will merge your old and new account information.

How to Place an Interlibrary Loan or Purchase Request

  • Search Worldcat. Once you have located the item, click on ILL BORROW FROM ANOTHER LIBRARY to go to Request IT.  Sign in or create an account to complete the request.
  • Sign in to Request It and use the blank form if you have the information about the item (such as author, title, ISBN...) but are unable to locate it in WorldCat, or to make a purchase request.

Please note: The chance of obtaining media not owned by U.S. libraries is minimal, in particular United Kingdom and Australian media items.

Track and Manage Requests

Before an item arrives at DPL, interlibrary loan and purchase requests are managed in your Request It account.  Interlibrary loan requests will show with other holds in your DPL account when the item has been sent from our Interlibrary Loan office to your designated pickup location. You will be notified by your preferred My Account holds notification when items are ready for pick up. Requests can only be sent to DPL locations for pickup.

Account Settings

Your Request It account and DPL account are separate, and any change in one needs to be made in the other. 

  • Add or change the email address associated with your account under  "change personal information" in the left menu. Email is the primary method of communication within Request It.
  • Change your default pick up location. Changes to pickup location will apply to unfilled requests. 
  • If you have lost and replaced your library card, you will need to re-register with Request It. Staff will merge your old and new account information

Request Limits

There is a limit of 10 active requests at one time. Requests stay active from the initiation of the request until the item has been returned to the lending library. Purchase  requests are no longer active once the acquisition process is complete. If a request is cancelled it is no longer active.

About cancellations: Worldcat is a union catalog shared by libraries for cataloging, collection development and ILL.  Each library defines which items and formats they will lend and to whom. It is not currently possible to limit a search to only those items that are available to borrow.

Renewals and Restrictions

  • Loan periods - Loan periods begin once you receive the holds notification. Pick up your items as soon as possible after you receive notification. 
  • Central Library use only - Items such as rare or fragile materials, microfilm, microfiche, and other special materials can only be used at the Central library.
  • Renewals - The lending library determines the length of the loan. Some libraries allow one renewal. If you think you need to renew your item, call or email the Interlibrary Loan office prior to the item’s due date and we’ll let you know if it will renew or not. Telephone: 720-865-1718. Email Interlibrary Loan.
  • Charges - University, medical libraries, and libraries outside the U.S. generally charge a fee of $11-$35. If there are no free lenders and you are not willing to pay a loan fee, your request will not be filled.
  • New Items - Our success rate for securing popular items released in the last year approaches 0%. If the item you have requested is new and not purchased for the collection, an attempt will be made to secure the item through Interlibrary Loan.

Lost or Damaged Interlibrary Loan Items

Please contact the Interlibrary Loan Office immediately at 720-865-1718 or email Interlibrary Loan to report your lost/damaged/stolen ILL item. We will contact the owning library for an invoice. You are responsible for any replacement fees associated with the item. Because we do not know the total cost of an item until we receive an invoice, a $150.00 default price will be charged to your account until we can adjust it to the invoice price. The final amount you are charged will depend on the cost of the item which is determined by the owning library. Your ILL account will be suspended until the item is paid in full. We cannot accept replacement copies.

Purchase Requests

  • Do not request pre-order titles. The library orders new titles as soon as they are available for preorder from our library vendors. To place a hold on new items search the catalog or use the "On Order" links in the left column. These lists will give you all the titles we have on order sorted by popularity.
  • The Library reserves the right to determine the best way to fill your request, through purchase or Interlibrary Loan, while still delivering the item to you in as timely a manner as possible.
  • We are unable to purchase every title that is requested, items are purchased according to our selection criteria.

Contact Interlibrary Loan
Monday-Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Telephone: 720-865-1718
Email Interlibrary Loan