Volunteer Opportunities at the Library

The Denver Public Library offers a variety of volunteer opportunities to our community. When available, volunteer positions can be found here.

There are currently no open volunteer positions.

If you're interested in future volunteering for the Denver Public Library, please fill out the Volunteer Interest Form.

For additional questions related to volunteering, please email volunteers@denverlibrary.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the age requirement for volunteering with the Denver Public Library?
    • Most of our volunteer opportunities are directed to adults age 18+. However, we also offer teen volunteer opportunities, found here.
  • What is the time commitment?
    • The time commitment varies depending on the volunteer role and responsibilities. Most assignments require a set schedule, whether weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Please see current openings for specific expectations. 
  • Do you offer short-term or one-time volunteer opportunities?
    • We may offer short-term and one-time opportunities based on project needs; it is more typical for volunteers to support long-term projects and activities. Please see current openings for more information on short-term, long-term and one-time opportunities.
  • Do you offer group (church/school/corporate) volunteer projects?
    • We do not typically offer group volunteer projects. However, any volunteer opportunities identified as open to groups can be found on the current openings page.
  • After submitting an application, what are the next steps?
    • Library staff will review your application and contact you to complete the necessary steps to be placed at a location. 
  • Where will I be placed?
    • Volunteers will be placed based on the project to which they have applied and are assigned; all reasonable requests to be placed in a volunteer’s preferred library location or department will be considered, but may not be approved. If a volunteer is not able to commit to a particular location, they may request a different assignment or may be released from that particular assignment altogether. Please feel free to submit a volunteer interest form, indicating your preferred location, and you will be contacted when an opportunity becomes available in that location. 
  • Are background checks required to volunteer?
    • The Denver Public Library requires background checks for all adult (18+) volunteers working with staff and customers at any library location or offsite on behalf of the Denver Public Library.
  • Do you have openings for court-ordered community service volunteers?
    • We do not currently have court-ordered community service volunteer roles available. If that changes, updates will be posted at www.denverlibrary.org.
  • Can I volunteer to complete community service hours for school? 
    • Yes, if you are a teen in need of community service hours for school, you can volunteer at the library. Find opportunities on our Teen page.  
  • Can I volunteer to sort books and help with the Used Book Sale? 
    • Yes, you can support the work of the DPL Friends Foundation through their available volunteer opportunities. Learn more here.