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Read Aloud: For Teachers

How to bring Read Aloud to your classroom

  • Get in touch with us and let us know you're interested! We'll let you know if your school qualifies for the Read Aloud Program and then we'll set you up with a reader. 
  • If you know someone in your community who is interested in reading in your classroom, ask them apply to volunteer. We'll train them and give them books.
  • Help us promote the program to potential readers with these flyers: English flyer, Spanish flyer. Request paper copies of the flyers here.

What do teachers say about the Read Aloud Program? 

  • "My reader does a great job and the kids look forward to him coming!!!"
  • "The kids enjoy the read alouds and it gets them excited about reading. They look forward to the day the reader comes to class, all week."
  • "My reader is enthusiastic and brings joy to the children. They love to listen to her read and interact with her. They get so excited when she comes and brings books from the Denver Public Library."
  • "It sets a strong foundation for life long reading."

Classroom expectations

  • Communicate with your reader. Chat about routines and best practices so children have fun with the books and enjoy learning.
  • Teachers or assistants must remain in the room while the reader is reading. Sitting on the rug with them, making connections and helping with classroom management is a great way to support children and volunteers during the program.
  • Notify your reader of any changes in schedule, field trips, or special events. 
  • Teach your reader how you get the students’ attention, whether it is a “quiet” hand symbol, a clapping rhythm, etc.
  • Talk about the books, encourage students to act out the scenes from the books, write about them, etc.
  • Please let us know if there is any concern or if you would like us to visit your classroom.
  • Look for our bimonthly newsletter in your inbox to hear about the early learning world, kid-friendly events and resources for your classroom.

Feedback on the Read Aloud Program

 Provide us with feedback on the program at any time!

Read Aloud YouTube Channel

Visit the Read Aloud YouTube Channel for ideas for songs,  and rhymes in English and Spanish, as well as reading tips you can use in the classroom.

Request a Presentation or Workshop

Visit our Outreach Form, pick one of our sessions and add any relevant details. Our visits include free books for everybody and an overview of resources available to educators and families.

Teachers Sets

Any Denver Public Library branch can gather a set of materials (books, audiobooks, DVDs, music CDs) for you to check out and use in your classroom. Complete the request form and a librarian will begin working on your set within 72 hours.

Request a Parent Presentation from the Denver Public Library Early Learning Department

Early learning specialists provide trainings for parents, educators, and caregivers of children birth through kindergarten. Request a Presentation.

Educator Services

Find information on all the resources the library has to help educators.