Presenter Guidelines

How Can I Become a Library Presenter?

We are accepting new presenters on a limited basis. Program presenters can be individuals, organizations, performers, artists, or educators. Programs may include workshops, performances, concerts, presentations, and more. Please read the information below, then complete the form to submit your program proposal. Due to a high volume of applications, we are not able to contact every applicant and completing the form is not a guarantee that we will hire you. DPL staff will reach out if they are interested in planning a program with you. This form is for all DPL location programs; please do not contact individual branches to propose your programs.

Denver Public Library programming is guided by a) our mission to create welcoming spaces where all are free to explore and connect, b) our values of welcoming, curiosity, connection, equity, and stewardship, and c) a commitment to our priority populations which include Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC), older adults (50+), vulnerable youth, the digitally isolated, immigrants, refugees, unhoused people, and unemployed people. Learn more about our mission and strategic plan. We also prioritize the city’s Certified Small Businesses.

Library programs must have a special educational, informational, or cultural value to the community. If you would like to book a room to host your own event that is not sponsored by DPL, but takes place at a DPL location, you can reserve a community room for free.

Programs of a purely commercial nature or those designed for the solicitation of business will not be offered by the library, including presentations offered for free but with the intention of soliciting future business such as presentations with financial planners or for financial services. We also do not offer programs that have specific health regulation requirements, including acupuncture and chiropractic presentations.

We are also not accepting proposals from storytime presenters, people wanting to read to children, or reading groups, as those fall under our volunteer opportunities. If you would like to volunteer with us, please see our volunteer opportunities.

More Information about programming at DPL

  • DPL programs are planned and booked at least two months in advance, if not more.
  • Because of limited financial resources, our average price range is $0-$200 per program. We also consider factors such as topic, potential audience, program space, community need, and more when negotiating fees.
  • We rarely book out of state performers due to limited financial resources.
  • We do not sign contracts with presenters or pay deposits in advance of programs.
  • Are you an author? Please see the library's Collection Development Policy and library purchasing guidelines for authors​ before submitting a proposal. DPL does not typically host authors who do not meet our purchasing guidelines.

Thank you for reviewing our guidelines for presenting at DPL. To submit your program proposal, please complete this Presenter Proposal form.