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Catalog of U.S. government publications. Many link to full-text.

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Industry profiles, analysis and forecasts. Updated regularly.
Search First Research Industry Profiles

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Read or download digital magazines on your computer or device. Read online from any device, or install the Flipster App from Ebsco on your iPad, iPhone or Android to download and read offline. Also see Zinio for more magazines.

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Candid's Foundation Directory Online is a searchable database of in-depth profiles of 140,000 grantmakers, plus inside looks at the grants they've actually made. 

The Foundation Directory database is currently available for home use with a day pass. Please note that by signing up for a day pass, you are agreeing to Candid's privacy policy.  You may also schedule a Nonprofit appointment to meet remotely with a librarian. 

Over 25,000 encyclopedia entries covering a variety of subject areas.

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