Reviews and Blog Posts: Turkey

Dare to disappoint : growing up in Turkey

by Özge Samanci

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Ozge (a name that apparently means "other" or "different" in Turkish) grew up on the Aegean coast of Turkey in the 1980s and '90s when secular and capitalist interests vied for attention with fundamentalist and militaristic ones. Her dad wants Ozge and her sister to become engineers - a much more...

On the noodle road : from Beijing to Rome, with love and pasta

by Jen Lin-Liu

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An enjoyable journey from China to Italy, with many stops in between, to look at food history and traditions. The author's original goal was to try to figure out if noodles had really come to Italy from China or vice versa, or something in between. Of course, food, culture, and...

Far flung places : the photography of Barbara Sparks

by Barbara Sparks

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A compilation of black and white photographs by Barbara Sparks that were part of an exhibition at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, it includes pictures from Nepal, Turkey, Italy, Taos, and our own backyard here in Colorado.  The photos are exquisite and the background information is enlightening.  I especially...

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