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The Tangier diaries 1962-1979

by John Hopkins

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The summer before his senior year at Princeton, Hopkins and a friend head to South America to explore a business deal. The experience proved life-changing and upon graduation, they commit themselves to seeing the world. At the time, Peru was Hopkins' first love but in 1962 he sets up residence...

The great psychedelic armadillo picnic : a "walk" in Austin

by Kinky Friedman

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Dear Kinky, I have now read all of your books. More, please. I really need the laughs!
- Bill Clinton

Climbing Mount Everest

Everest season 1

The short climbing season for Mount Everest is coming to a close in the Himalayas, and here in Denver my family has become totally hooked on the Discovery Channel's Everest: Beyond the Limit series.  We have blazed through both Season One and Season Two in less time than it takes to climb the mountain itself.

The climbers literally risk life and limb in their attempts to reach the top of the world.  I especially liked the recognition and appreciation shown for the amazing Sherpas who risk their own lives to help these climbers not only make it up the mountain, but perhaps more importantly make it back down alive.

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