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Tell me again how a crush should feel

by Sara Farizan

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Iranian-American Leila has a lot to figure out. Pressure from her parents and their tight knit Persian community tell her to want to be a doctor--but she's horrible at science. She likes girls, but isn't ready to tell anyone yet--it's a good thing there's no one at school to crush...

Rethinking normal : a memoir in transition

by Katie Rain Hill

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Though still a teen herself, Hill already has a life story worth telling. Born Luke, and never comfortable in her own body, Katie grew up depressed and suicidal, with little support from family, friends, or school.

TV and Comics--A Great Combination


You've probably noticed that many new and returning television series have their roots in the comic book world. Whether the shows are strictly based on certain titles (most aren't) or inspired by characters and worlds originally created by comics writers and artists, you can enrich your viewing experience by delving into the backstory of your new favorite hero or antihero.

Here's a list of some TV to comics ties and suggestions for reading to get you started:

The League of Seven

by Alan Gratz

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  Alex is a normal twelve-year-old, only son to two devoted if slightly quirky parents. He hasn't a care in the world until a routine visit to a secret society with his parents leads to them being overpowered by a weird mind-controlling force. Alfie together with his trusty robot Mr. Rivets...

Got Research? Meet with a librarian - now available by chat!

Got Research?

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Don't know where to start or just need some help?  

Far from gringo land

by Edward Myers

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    This book's title caught my attention and I thought I 'd give it a try.  It is written from the perspective of an American teen, Rick Dresner who hails from Denver and  is spending the summer with a family  in a small Mexican town.  He is determined to...

Dakota Skye

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Dakota Skye is a great movie. Dakota isn't the typical teen in a movie. In fact, she's a girl who knows when people are telling the truth. But the power can be tricky when the people around believe they are telling the truth. Who is really telling the truth? And...

Teens learning web development at the library: DevCamp wraps up!

Last Friday, we wrapped up DevCamp, a two-week crash course in web development for teens. Over six days, 24 teens learned the basics of HTML and CSS - with a bit of JavaScript sprinkled on top - and worked in teams to develop websites on topics they selected.

ideaLAB Rock Stars!!

Several weeks ago, Jesse Perez, along with some of the talented teens from ideaLAB, were asked to take a look at the L.E.D. message board that hangs above the Books and Borrowing checkout station. Considering the sign was pretty old, no one was sure if it could even be fixed!

Two weeks later, the sign was back in its place displaying an array of useful, multicolored greetings for DPL customers.

Summer of Tech 2014 is Going to be SO RAD.

Teens! (Parents of teens!) Looking for something to spice up your summer? Bored of lazing around the house? The ideaLAB's Summer of Tech 2014 TECH BLITZ will have have you out of the house and making amazing stuff! 

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