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Welcome to paradise, now go to hell : a true story of violence, corruption, and the soul of surfing

by Chas. Smith

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This book was a total let down, and not for lack of potential. The evolution of modern surfing, from its golden days in the ‘50s and ‘60s to the money driven reality it is today, is an intriguing and relevant story.  But when everything is said and done, Welcome to...

The wave : in pursuit of the rogues, freaks and giants of the ocean

by Susan Casey

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As far as nature goes, it's safe to say that the ocean acts as a kind of ambassador to the unknown, and Susan Casey’s The Wave, unfettered, dives right in.

In search of Captain Zero : a surfer's road trip beyond the end of the road

by A. C. (Allan C.) Weisbecker

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Remember that feeling of ditching school in the late spring, just before summer, when the weather was primo and your youthful responsibilities faded away like a bad tattoo under the sun? This is a memoir of a dude that may have skipped a few too many days, his responsibilities no...

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