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by Disclosure

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Caracal is the second album by the British brothers Disclosure; their debut album, Settle, was released in 2013 .


by composer Hozier

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Hozier’s self-titled debut album is pure magic. I’m concerned that he will not be able to outdo himself and make a better album after this one!

In the lonely hour

by Sam Smith

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You first heard the soulful sound of Sam Smith when he was featured on Disclosure’s breakthrough single “Latch”.  Sam Smith is back with his debut album, titled In the Lonely Hour released in June of 2014.  I was dazzled by Sam’s singing ability on the Disclosure track, and eagerly anticipated...

Don’t Leave Me This Way: The Rebirth of Soul

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings

While the heyday of soul may be fifty years in the past with the likes of Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, and Jackie Wilson, a new swell of artists influenced by these early pioneers is rising and moving audiences around the country. Marked by strong frontmen and women, these folks have moves and energy straight from a James Brown playbook and backing bands that have licks of their own. Be prepared to have your soul stirred and, if you’re like me, end up with a goofy, strained grimace on your face and an air mic primed for lip syncing.

Aretha Franklin, the queen of soul

by Mark Bego

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I’ve loved Aretha Franklin since I was a kid and first saw her in the movie “The Blues Brothers.” My girlfriends and I made up a dancing/singing routine to the song “Respect”. She is the image of a strong woman who is a survivor and Mark Bego’s biography reinforces it.

I learned the hard way

by Sharon Jones

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  Quite by accident I discovered this cd in the collection and when I looked at it, the cover image was so striking- an imposing African American woman flanked by some suave looking dudes dressed in identical fashion-that I knew the music would be good. I was not disappointed. Ms...

I just need something Soulful!

Amazing Grace, featuring James Cleveland and songs by Thomas Dorsey

Some say music calms the nerves. Sometimes you just need something soothing and inspirational or maybe something jazzy, or a little bit of Rhythm and Blues, and at times you just want to hear the powerful, vibrant voices of gospel's greatest.


Have you been in the mood for an inspirational song? Maybe you're going through a difficult time and just need a pick-me-up, something soulful and uplifting.

Hearing Aretha sing "Oh Mary don't you weep" will send chills down your spine. Aretha sings it with such passion and feeling it's like you're jolted back into time, standing in between the pews clapping your hands and stomping your feet.

Amy Winehouse Joins the 27 Club

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse died in London over the weekend at the age of 27. She tragically joins the ranks of many notable musicians that passed away at this young age. Winehouse's albums include Back to Black and Frank.

More Famous Musicians Dead at 27

Solomon Burke: King of Soul

Celebrate the memory of the "greatest soul singer of all time" with several CDs available at the Library. Solomon Burke died October 10, 2010 in Amsterdam but his amazing soulful voice will not be forgetten.

His songs "Take Me (just as I am)" or "Cry to Me" are personal favorites as is the collection "Don't Give Up on Me." If you are a fan of R&B (Burke partnered with the finest performers), his voice reaffirms there is still a place for S-O-U-L. Lower the lights and sit yourself down to hear a true master at work. Other favorites include:


by Estelle

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Great vocals. Catchy, upbeat and fun songs. R&B, Ska, Hip Hop and Soul sounds. Guest vocals from Kanye West, Cee-Lo and more. And even a sample of George Michael's "Faith." What's not to love?

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