Reviews and Blog Posts: September 11

Extremely loud & incredibly close

by Jonathan Safran Foer

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This is easily my favorite novel by Foer. This book depicts the perspective of Oskar Schell, a 9-year old living in NY during the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers. The book is generally about his quest to come to terms with his father's death in the attacks. It takes an external...

Remembering 9/11

A Decade of Hope

A flatbed truck escorted debris from the World Trade Center into Denver today. Donated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the remnants will be used to create memorials to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of September 11, 2001.

Denver's memorial will be one of thousands located in all fifty states and in seven different countries. Many books have been written to pay tribute to those that lost their lives that day, the heroes who responded, and those that miraculously survived.

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