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Did You Miss This?

Cover art, The Empanada Brotherhood

If you browse the book stacks at the Central Library, chances are you'll spy a "Did you miss this?" bookmark. With so many books to choose from, these flagged titles may be the next read you're looking for. So go ahead, browse and take a title home today. You might even discover a new, favorite read!

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Brave new world

by Aldous Huxley

Reviewer Rating:

This book may change the way you look at the world around you. 

Brave New World is a frequently challenged and ban book. I chose to read it because its content is challenging to the reader. It is considered a Classic written in 1931 because of its staying power to influence....

Forgive me, Leonard Peacock : a novel

by Matthew Quick

Reviewer Rating:

Nothing spreads sunshine and roses like a teen murder/suicide novel. From Matthew Quick, the author or Silver Linings Playbook and Sorta Like a Rockstar, comes the story of Leonard Peacock, a jaded, sarcastic 18 year old who has decidedly unhappy plans for his birthday. He is going to kill Asher...

Black helicopters

by Blythe Woolston

Reviewer Rating:

Valkyrie (Valley) White is 15. She believes the government killed her family. She has a bomb strapped to her chest. This tension filled book puts you into Valley's mind, giving you a glimpse of how a 15 year old girl can end up a suicide bomber. She grew up in...

Vampires in the lemon grove stories

by Karen Russell

Reviewer Rating:

I'm not often drawn to short story collections, but I liked Russell's Swamplandia! so much that I decided to give this collection a try. The stories were creative, fantastical, mind-bending. The audio was enhanced by having a different reader for each story. In one, a massage therapist working with an...

Some kind of fairy tale : a novel

by Graham Joyce

Reviewer Rating:

Graham Joyce returns with an unsettling novel about a teenager who shows up on her parents’ doorstep twenty years after she disappeared without a trace. Tara Martin claims she was abducted to an enchanted fairyland and, eerily, appears no older than when she vanished. For her, she insists, only six...

The underwater welder

by Jeff Lemire

Reviewer Rating:

Jeff Lemire presents the story of a man literally and figuratively under pressure. An underwater welder by trade, Jack is used to working on the seabed in a pressure suit. But as he anticipates becoming a father, he finds himself haunted by unresolved issues from his childhood involving his relationship...

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