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Can Your Kids Talk Like a Pirate?

Bubble Bath Pirates Book Cover

Avast ye landlubbers! Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19) is approaching as fast a clipper ship on a clear day. Want to teach your kids some pirate lingo, but afraid your inner pirate is as rusty as an old cutlass? Brush up with one of these books.

Here at the Central Children's Library we're getting into the spirit of the day by reading some pirate books (see below). And some of us are even planning to dress, as well as talk, like pirates! So stop by the Children's Library on Friday and give us your best, "Arrrrgh!"

Picture Books

Fortunately, the milk

by Neil Gaiman

Reviewer Rating:

Neil Gaiman's narration of his wonderful story of a father thwarted on his way home from buying milk will have you laughing out loud! The alien voices are particularly enjoyable. A fun activity for a Family Book Club, enjoy the book's illustrations along with Gaiman's entertaining performance simultaneously. You'll never...

Cinnamon and gunpowder

by Eli Brown

Reviewer Rating:

"Cinnamon and Gunpowder" follows the story of Owen "Wedge" Wedgewood following his kidnapping onto a pirate ship where he is expected to cook extravagant meals to preserve his life.  Despite Wedge's addition to the ship, they continue their plans to foil the Pendleton Trading Company.  As this book began, I...

A captain's duty : Somali pirates, Navy Seals, and dangerous days at sea

by Richard Phillips

Reviewer Rating:

I actually listened to this as an audiobook, and I recommend this format if you are interested in Richard Phillips' story. I heard an interview with the author on Fresh Air a while ago, and then saw the Tom Hanks, Hollywood movie version of the story, Captain Phillips. It is...

The kill list

by Frederick Forsyth

Reviewer Rating:

I haven’t read a Frederick Forsyth since his early titles – Day of the Jackal, Fourth Protocol but I saw his newest title and thought I’d give it a go.  Forsyth doesn’t hold back and doesn’t try to make excuses for anyone. He just gives the reader an action packed...

ARRRRR You Ready for Talk Like a Pirate Day?

International Talk Like a Pirate Day is Thursday, September 19. Which means you have less than a month to become fluent in Pirate Talk before then. We're celebrating Talk Like Pirate Day at the Park Hill Branch on Saturday September 21st at 3:00PM with a Pirate celebration and we've all been brushing up on our Pirate Talk. Here's some key vocabulary to catch you up to speed:

Addled-- Mad, insane, or just stupid. An "addlepate" is a fool.

Avast!-- Hey! Could also be used as "Stop that!" or "Who goes there?"

Belay-- Stop that. "Belay that talk!" would mean "Shut up!"

Bilge!-- Nonsense, or foolish talk. The bilges of a ship are the lowest parts, inside the hull along the keel. They fill with stinking bilgewater—or just "bilge."

Bilge-Sucking-- A very uncomplimentary adjective.

Connecting the dots

Tom Waits

What do Tom Waits, Hunter S. Thompson, and Steve Jobs have in common? Besides—that is—there being popular new material out by, or about, each? The answer is—believe it or not—the venerable Keith Richards.

Polly Want a Cracker? What about some more pirate movies?

The fourth entry in the Pirates of the Caribbean saga, On Stranger Tides, comes to DVD this week. While the films are very popular, it has been a while since pirate movies were successful. For people who want to see other approaches to high seas adventure, the Library has examples of the best (and worst) in genre.

Pirate movies have been around for over a hundred years now, hitting their peak in popularity between the 1940s and 1960s. Pirate movies helped give movie stars like Errol Flynn and Burt Lancaster their start and, eventually, Disney even started making family-minded pirate movies.

Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Treasure Island

September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Celebrate by watching one of these treasured pirate films! Full of swashbuckling, sword fights and danger on the high sea, these films are adventurous and fun!

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