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Before they pass away

by Jimmy (Photographer) Nelson

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This book just floored me. It really changed my day.

It’s a powerful collection of portraits documenting dozens of cultures around the world whose people are, for one reason or another, at risk of fading away.

Chuck Close : face book

by Chuck Close

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I am a BIG fan of the books published by Abrams Books for Young Readers and quickly pounced on their new biography about Chuck Close, an American painter best known for his BIG paintings of the human face. Face Book is a massaged and amped up presentation based on an interview...

The seer of shadows

by 1937- Avi

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Horace wants to be photographer. He is an apprentice to a photographer and is fulfilling his dream. They are commissioned by Mr. and Mrs. Von Macht to take a photograph, but when the photo is developed, there is a girl in the picture. Horace discovers that the girl is the daughter...

Quiet beauty : Japanese gardens of North America

by Kendall H Brown

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Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!  Did I say beautiful?  I meant BEAUTIFUL!  Inspiration galore.

Travel Around The World At The Library! (Passport Not Required)

Do you love to travel? Or wish you had more time to travel? Join us at the library for an exploration of world music, culture, photography, and even tips for traveling with young children. You'll be ready to set off on your own adventure!

In this Introduction to World Music, you can play a flute, sing a song in Spanish, clap a Caribbean rhythm, and dance a samba! We'll play music from around the world and learn about geography and culture. Please register: 720-865-0135 or Saturday, June 8 at 2 p.m. at the Ross-Broadway Branch.

The Appalachian Trail : celebrating America's hiking trail

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I've written about the Appalachian Trail here before, and this new book, celebrating the 75th anniversary of the AT, is a wonderful addition to the literature about the world's longest footpath. Filled with beautiful photographs and history, this book details the trail from dream to reality, the various people...

Global model village : the international street art of Slinkachu.

by Slinkachu

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This is a whole new level of street art with intricacies and creativity that will leave you shaking your head well after you put the book down.

Vivian Maier : street photographer

by Vivian Maier

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From the 1950’s to the 1990’s, Vivian Maier quietly photographed her surroundings creating hundreds of thousands of photos that she didn't tell anyone about.  These images are more than snapshots, although they do have that feeling about them. Her composition is breathtaking and she truly shot everything around her from...

Photo Editing Online

This is what happens when you spend too much time playing with photo editors

Sunday, the CTC will host the second of two classes on Photoshop Elements. The class will be fun, as I am teaching it and my snaggle-toothed charm will eventually win you over. But do you have photos you need to edit and you don't own Elements? Alternately, do you feel compelled to make photos of yourself look ridiculous? Come with me into the internet for some free online options...

Our favorite at the CTC used to be Picnik, but they were bought by Google and rolled into Google+, so, unless you're one of the 15 Google employees currently using Google+, you're probably not going to find that very useful. Luckily, the internets are full of other options:

Historic Moments, Starting Your Own Boutique

A Defining Moment

Are you a history buff? Want to start your own business? Fresh City Life My Branch has something for you!

Our latest Colorado Authors Series presentation with Patricia Duncan, author of A Defining Moment: Barack Obama: The Historic Journey to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, covers history that we all remember. This beautiful book of photography chronicles Obama's journey from candidate to nominee to president, including the Democratic National Convention right here in Denver!

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