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Evil librarian

by Michelle Knudsen

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An insanely attractive librarian is sucking souls and taking names and students cannot help but be under his spell when they are in his presence. Cynthia Rothschild suspects there is more to the librarian once her friend Annie falls under his spell. Once Cynthia discovers that he is, in fact,...

I thought I saw a UFO! I did! I did see a UFO!

The disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines flight brings back memories of being fascinated (and frightened) by paranormal phenomena like the Bermuda Triangle.

Innocence a novel

by Dean R. (Dean Ray) Koontz

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Addison Goodheart lives a life of isolation, rarely leaving his underground living space before dark. He believes himself to be horrifically disfigured and wears a hood covering his head and a ski mask. Those who have looked up on him have wanted to kill him out of fright. One night...

Storm front

by Jim Butcher

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I listened to the audio version of Storm Front. I don't normally read fantasy or, more specifically, paranormal fantasy, but I noticed that the fourteenth book in this series was a Goodreads Best Paranormal Fantasy of 2013. I can never start reading a series in the middle, so I began with Storm Front

Tantalize : Kieren's story

by Cynthia Leitich Smith

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This is the graphic novel version of the book Tantalize by Cynthia Leitich Smith, told from the point of view of the male character, Keiren.  Keiren's best friend Quincie has lost her parents and is struggling to keep their restaurant going with a new vampire themed design and menu.  The...


by Madeleine Roux

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If you are looking for a creepy story to read on a dark and stormy night, Asylum is a great pick.  Dan arrives to his elite college prep summer academy only to find that the regular dormitory has been closed for repair, and students are being housed in a former...


by Rachel Ward

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Jem is a teenager with an unusual ability.  She can look into someone’s eyes and see the date they will die.  Jem doesn’t like to look at people.  It’s too difficult to know how long they will live.

Jem has always been an outsider with a difficult life.  Jem’s mother died...

Magazine of the Month: Fortean Times

Blue spiders, horned women, surfing rats, alien abductions, canine telepathy - all stories you will find in the pages of Fortean Times - "The Worlds Weirdest News Stories."

Started in 1973, Fortean Times is a British monthly magazine devoted to strange news from around the world.

Goofy Ghost Films

'When the Frost is on the Punkin' is one of my favorite James Whitcomb Riley poems and today's weather reminds me that it is indeed pumpkin season! Get in the Halloween spirit with these goofy ghost films that will have you cackling with laughter.

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