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Pablo Neruda : poet of the people

by Monica Brown

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I enjoyed this book because it's a great way to introduce children to a great poet without worrying about the content. Neruda's poetry is wonderful, but some of it might be understood by the children. So the books talks about his life before he was a poet and while he...

Serene and Volcanic

Pablo Neruda

"Today, I dedicate this to you, you are long like the body of Chile, delicate  like an anise flower,  and in every branch you bear witness to our indelible springtimes... you guard the sun, the earth, the violets in your slender shadow when you sleep. And in this way, every morning  you give me life."  - Pablo Neruda from the poem "Every Day, Matilde"

Such tangible and raw beauty lifts off the pages of Pablo Neruda's poetry. How such words can then take form in the mind and senses to create a world within your world. His poems allow the soul to escape to exotic places of body and earth and allows the soul to come back to the not so exotic places of home. Truly an inspiration for love and lover, the serene place of mind, and volcanic places of the heart.

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