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A time to dance

by Padma Venkatraman

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Veda is a classical Bharatanatyam dancer at her technical best when a car accident forces doctors to amputate her right leg below the knee. She never once gives in to despair that she will never dance again, but her journey to relearn her art is far from easy. Frustrated by...


by Kristin Clark

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This novel in verse explores gender identity through the eyes of various folks on all parts of the spectrum. Brendan never felt like a super masculine guy, but he hasn't always wanted to be a girl, either. Angel, who Brendan meets at a center for GLBT teens, befriends Brendan and...


by Ellen Hopkins

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This novel in verse follows three teens--Conner, Tony, and Vanessa--as they meet and go through treatment after attempting suicide. Each is in residential facility Aspen Springs for different reasons, and they connect in different ways. As the poems, told from each of their voices, reveal their backgrounds and thoughts, you...

Teens--Celebrate National Poetry Month!

A Girl Named Mister

April is National Poetry Month! Will you celebrate by reading a poem? How about writing one? Or maybe even creating one with book spines? Celebrate words and creative expression all month!

If you need some help finding your voice and writing your own poetry, come to one of the great workshop events happening at branch locations throughout Denver this month!

One of my favorite ways to read poetry is as complete stories in novels in verse. Some of my favorites include:

Love That Dog and Hate That Cat, Sharon Creech

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