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by Lev AC Rosen

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Noir mystery in a totally unique setting makes Depth better than your average private eye adventure. Simone Pierce inherited her detective agency from her father, and has been tracking down stolen goods and photographing cheating spouses all her life. She's doing this in a future, flooded, New York City--the ice...

June 17, 1994 - 20 Years Later

June 17, 1994  ESPN 30for30

June 17th, 1994 was a banner day in sports history and in the history of broadcasting.

As described in the liner notes for June 17th, 1994, ESPN's 30for30 documentary film:

Discount Armageddon : an Incryptid novel

by Seanan McGuire

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The first of the Incryptid series, try this book if you like your strong women armed with both throwing knives AND attitude. Verity Price comes from a family of cryptozoologists. Generations ago, they broke with the Covenant of St. George over philosophical differences (the Prices wanted to study the cryptids...

Bad behavior

by Mary Gaitskill

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Bad Behavior is a collection of unlinked short stories, most taking place in New York City, that focuses on the relationships (usually sexual) between men and women.  Many of the stories are populated by the same types of women -- prostitutes, drug users, artists -- and tended to blend together...

Odds against tomorrow

by Nathaniel Rich

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Mitchell Zukor thinks about disaster for a living. A mathematical and imaginative genius, he is head hunted away from actuarial work in order to construct scenarios for Future World, a New York City startup. Future World's promise--we will tell you about every possible catastrophe--from nuclear attack to ecological disaster--and since...

The gods of Gotham

by Lyndsay Faye

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Great historical novel and mystery rolled up in one. The setting is 1840s New York City, a place with lots of poor immigrants and suffering. Firefighters were volunteers and the police force was just getting established. The main character is one of the first "copper stars" on the new force....

4:44 last day on earth

by Abel Ferrara

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Abel Ferarra's 4:44 Last Day on Earth (2011) marks the independent filmmaker's cinematic return to New York City.  Set in a Lower East Side apartment building on the eve of an apocalyptic environmental collapse, the film centers on an upper-class bohemian couple played by Willem Defoe and Shanyn Leigh.  Over the course of the film's...

City Tales: NYC

new york noir

Let's visit the city that never sleeps. 

There are thousands of books that feature the Big Apple. Let's take a look at some of the more unique aspects of NYC.

The Little Big Book of New York
I love this little book and I learn something new about NYC every time I flip through these pages. It's got poetry, song lyrics, essays, short stories, recipes and all sorts of fun legends and facts. Want to enjoy a tasty knish with your Long Island Iced Tea? This book's got you covered.

Grand Central winter : stories from the street

by Lee Stringer

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Once an ambitious business owner, Lee Stringer's first tryst with a crack pipe threw him down the rabbit hole and out to society's fringe. Summering under the stars in Central Park and seeking shelter from winter's cold under Grand Central Station, Stringer spent many years as a homeless slave to...

This side of brightness : a novel

by Colum McCann

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Following two separate, but intersecting storylines, This Side of Brightness explores the infrastructure of our lives; the physical systems all around us, the connections we build with family and friends and the internal architecture of the self. We first meet Nathan Walker, an African American sandhog who toils digging tunnels under the east...

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