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by Hannah Moskowitz

Etta has a lot of identities, but none of them seem to encompass all of who she is. She's one of the few Black girls in her Nebraska town, attending a private school with other rich kids. She identifies as bisexual, which grates on her friends, The Dykes, who end...


by Rainbow Rowell

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Rainbow Rowell has been getting so much buzz, I decided to try one of her books. Landline isn't a traditional romance--it's not about those first moments, the push and pull of falling in love, ending with the happily ever after. It's about the hard work of marriage, about how things...

Once Upon a Town : The Miracle of the North Platte Canteen

by Bob Greene

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Journalist Bob Greene tells the little-known story of the North Platte Canteen, the railroad depot in North Platte, Nebraska, where over six million servicemen and women were fed, thanked, and entertained during their cross-country train journeys during World War II.  The book consists mostly of interviews with women who volunteered...

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