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Five, six, seven, Nate!

by Tim Federle

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Nate from Better Nate Than Ever is back, and this time he's legitimately living in New York City with his aunt, in rehearsals for E.T.: The Musical as second understudy for E.T. himself. While it was great to hear Nate's voice again in this sequel, I didn't find it...

Better Nate than ever

by Tim Federle

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Nate Foster wants to be on Broadway. Or at least get out of his small Pennsylvania town where it seems no one but his best friend Libby understands him. When they hear about open auditions for E.T.: The Musical, Libby and Nate plot how to get him to New York...

Come with us on a journey through time and space!

mighty boosh season one

Once upon a time I discovered a wonderful little show called The Mighty Boosh, and now I just can't get enough.

I had been enjoying the Flight of the Conchords when a patron suggested that I try The Mighty Boosh and boy were they right.

This wacky show is about Vince Noir, the King of the Mods and, well,... and Howard Moon. These two will rock your socks with their strange musical montages which pepper every episode.

Celebrate Jazz Appreciation Month

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April is Jazz Appreciation Month. Celebrate with one of these great films that feature great soundtracks and amazing performances.

Tony Award Winning Musicals of the 1950s

The Tony Awards honor the best live theatrical productions. Many of these recipients naturally made their way to the big screen. Musicals were a mainstay of popular culture in the 1950s, and as the Tony winners from this decade show, a rich time for fans of the genre.

Colorado Burlesque Festival

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The Colorado Burlesque Festival is the first of its kind in our fair state. Still don't have an eye full? Ladies and Gentlemen, presented for your enjoyment, a film list: On Stage: Films featuring Burlesque Dancers and Vaudevillians.

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