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What happened to goodbye

by Sarah Dessen

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What started out strong as an interesting story about identity turned into a rather boring chick lit tale with lots of happy resolutions that I didn't quite buy. McLean reinvents herself every time she moves to a new town. But during this new move she unexpectedly puts down roots. The...

Moving day

by Meg Cabot

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Allie Finkle's struggling with being a 9 year old girl.  She has an overly-sensitive best friend, but she's not really sure why they're "best friends".  Then, her parents surprise her with the news that she's moving! She is so comfortable in her new-ish suburban house, but her parents have bought a...

The Island Horse

by Susan Hughes

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After her mother’s death, Ellie finds comfort in her predictable life in Nova Scotia. The house she shares with her father is right next door to her best friend’s house, their school, and Ellie’s mother’s grave. Ellie envisioned living in this house forever, so she is devastated when her father...

Ned's new home

by Kevin Tseng

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Ned the worm has found the perfect home Until it begins to rot! Where will Ned live now? Join him as he looks for a new place to live, makes new friends, and learns what doesn't make a good home.

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